NSW club plate compliance information


Are you complying? Be aware of the RTA policy for veteran and vintage vehicles. This policy has been jointly produced by the Council of Veteran, Vintage and Thoroughbred Motor Clubs, the Council of Country Antique Motor Clubs and the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA). Veteran and vintage vehicles are issued with Unregistered Vehicle Permits (UVPs) by the RTA to allow them to be driven on public roads for specific purposes. Construction.

1. To be eligible for entry in the Veteran and Vintage Vehicle Scheme, vehicles must be 30 years of age or older as from the year of manufacture. The Club registrar authenticates the age of the vehicle.

2. Vehicles must be as close to original condition as possible, with no alterations except for safety features such as seat belts and turn indicators, if desired.


3. Each vehicle operating under the Scheme must be declared roadworthy either by a safety check inspection at an Authorised Inspection Station (AIS) or by a member of their Club. If the Club is over two years old, the authorising member must hold mechanical knowledge. If the Club is under two years old, an AIS Safety Check report is required.


4. Vehicles can only be used for events organised by their Club, or another club, provided an official invitation has been received and documented by the Club in the official minutes, or the official “Day Book”.

5. Vehicles can be driven on public roads for short journeys for the following reasons only:
- for servicing within a short distance from their place of garaging;
- for the report and upkeep of vehicles (ie mechanical, paint and upholstery work etc);
- to check brakes and other running gear;
- to take part in processions, static displays etc; and
- for weddings (with the Club’s approval) provided NO monies or remuneration is received by the vehicle owner, the Club, or its members.

If a longer journey is necessary, the member must notify the Club Secretary so that he/she can enter the details in the official Club “Day Book” or official minutes.

6. Vehicles must display a registration label and special Club plates and Name Bars that have been approved by the RTA and are in accordance with this policy, for each particular rally.


7. Motor cars, tourers and limousines can only carry one person per seat, with a maximum of six persons in a vehicle. Seat belts must be worn, where fitted. Buses can only carry seven passengers except for special events and with specific approval from the RTA.

8. This policy only applies to NSW clubs. All members must be financial members and be NSW residents.

9. UVPs issued for Veteran and Vintage Vehicles are valid in all Australian States and Territories except WA. Club members issued with UVPs who need to drive in WA should contact the WA Police Welshpool Inspection Centre.

10. Visiting motor vehicles (operating under a similar Veteran and Vintage Vehicle Scheme in their home State/Territory) may be driven on NSW roads if they are legally complying with the Rules and Regulations of their permit.

11. The Club registrar authenticates all left hand drive vehicles. Authentic left hand drive vehicles over 30 years of age do not need to be converted to right hand drive if being driven under a UVP in the Veteran and Vintage Vehicles Scheme.

In addition to the above mentioned policy, the Cadillac LaSalle Club of Australia (NSW Region) has included the following...
Vehicles must attend a minimum of 3 sanctioned runs and the owner to attend one general meeting.

It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure these requirements are noted by the Club registrar. If you have any questions regarding the policies outlined, please contact your Club’s registrar... Gordon Smith on (02) 9743 4971