Now that you've looked at our photo album, your heart is probably beating a little faster and you feel the need for your very own four wheel love affair. So where do you start? Probably the best way is to join the Cadillac LaSalle Club of Australia where you are in contact with a great bunch of guys and girls, some of whom may have a vehicle for sale. In fact, some of the cars pictured in the photo gallery may well be for sale. Check out our message board too and leave a message of your own.



By becoming a member you will also receive our quarterly publication, La Cad, where members also advertise their cars.

Another way is to buy the magazine "Unique Cars" available each month at your local newsagent. Another good, but much smaller monthly magazine is "Just Cars". The Trading Post is a weekly newspaper out Thursdays. Look in the Cars Collector and Vintage section.

Joe's Golden Gasoline Classic Imports in Adelaide is worth a try. Phone (08) 8281 5759

Another option is to go to the USA. Naturally you ought to be able to find one there. Apart from the usual specialist American magazines like Old Car Trader and Hemmings (also available in Australia) you could find your dream car from a dealer, or a specialist classic car auction. Some of our club members are experienced in this and could advise you.

Government charges relating to importing vehicles
For cars over 30 years old, the value of the car, plus freight plus 10% GST.
For cars under 30 years old, the value of the car, plus import duty of 15%, plus freight, plus 10% GST.
Please make your own enquiries, phone the Customs department on 1300 363263 and check the Customs Department website here