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Bringing a car from the States


Hi Everyone,

My Aussie spouse and I are planing to move back to Oz in a few years and I want to bring an old Caddy with me.  I've been looking at Coupe de Villes from 1976 as that's the year that I was born and I always loved them when I was a kid.  I'm curious to know, however, how difficult it is to find good mechanics to work on them, how difficult is it to get parts, etc, and is there anything else I should know that might help me decide if this is something I should tackle.

Many thanks,

Bruce Reynolds:
G'day Will,

Where are you planning to end up?

Whatever car you buy, buy the best that you can afford, and if needs be, buy a better one as parts supply down here in most cases has to come from USA.

Aussie Mechanics are pretty good at repairing older cars, as most everyone down here drives older cars every day.

BUT, one matter that you have to be aware of is the requirements for bringing a car into Australia, and that is they must be free from Asbestos, and I mean, totally free from Asbestos.

Makers put Asbestos into everything back when they were built.   Head Gaskets, Manifold Gaskets, Brakes, Sound deadening, and the list goes on.

If you can have the car totally clear of Asbestos, by a certified place in USA, that is recognised by Australian authorities, Quarantine, Border Protection and Customs, then half the battle is won.

Plus, the AC will need to be de-gassed, and certified that it has been done by a certified AC place, and the vehicle will have to be totally clean, inside and out, of dirt, dust, leaves and anything else that can hide in places.   Heck, I have even had to drain the Windscreen Washer bottle, and they were even suss about the green radiator coolant.

Bruce. :devil:


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