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RwC in victoria. I got a '78


Hey Forum,

Does anyone know some mechanics that can do some sweet import duties? I dont really want to put black seatbelts in the rear and cut the parcel shelf. At the caddy show i saw some other 78 Eldorados that have somehow got passed inspections without changing headlights and seatbelts.

I mean shes a beast! But i want to be able to drive her to work. My boss who i havent met yet, Gary, has a '59 deville but then this beautiful white caddy with sharp fins... I mean ive only seen it from afar and never seen one before. Is it a '60 or '66?

Someone help out a young buck like me.


Bruce Reynolds:
G'day Jimmy,

If anyone has allowed a car to be registered with illegal headlights and seat belts, then they should lose their licence to approve the vehicles.

Bruce. :devil:


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