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Hydramatic fluid for 1959 eldo



Enquiring about hydramatic fluid for 1959 Eldo,The workshop manual says to use fluid type A, AQ-atf, can anyone recommend which I should use please?

Bruce Reynolds:
Dexron III as a minimum.

Whatever you do, don't use the AF fluid that is used in the old Fords, as that fluid is not compatible with the guts of the GM Trans.

Bruce. >:D

We have DexronIII here but what is the maximum?

Bruce Reynolds:
Stay with Dexron III.   I think Dexron IV is Synthetic, and you don't want to start mixing this stuff.

Bruce. >:D.

Just had reason myself to find out what is the correct fluid today that replaces Type A and as the boys mentioned Dex111 is the way to go.



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