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Welcome to Your New Off Topic General Chit Chat


We spoke to the powers that be and you now have a section for non Cadillac related chat.

Over the next few days we'll be going through posts in other sections and any that are better suited for this section will be moved to here

Keep it clean and enjoy


Cool. Thanks!

Talk about WOW , I'm amazed . Thankyou  CPU , and the powers that be . :bow:
I'm sure that will make a difference to participation around here .

The most active sites I've visited , joined , have this option .

The ones that say "Thread deleted ,not Cadillac related ,or off topic " are usually  pretty dead .Not unlike this site, in it's former format .

Now Bruce and others can tell us about their earlier Hot Rods ,Mopar owners can tell/show us their Dodge Chargers etc . Hint hint .  :ral:


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