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Thought I'd kick it off and answer Whitepink59's question here..

--- Quote from: Whitepink59 on June 30, 2014, 08:33:13 PM ---There is one thing better.

A chrome laden 20 footer AND a muscle car!!!!!

Cool cars CPU. Photos?

--- End quote ---

 Here's my Dodge........ and my other toy that I share with my brother

Click this pic for larger view
Click again to go to standard view

This is presently being readied to drop into the Dodge

And this is the Vette just after the rebulid quite some years back


Ley's make this a thread for showing off your non-Cadillac toys!   :grin:

:drool: :thumb:  What's under the hood and connecting it to the back end?

Post em up lads no matter what the marque or number of wheels  :cool:

The engine bay is ugly, so no photos.

It has a 351 Windsor and an FMX 3spd with a 8.75 inch diff - nothing special mechanically, but loads of fun.  There is nothing like all-year-round convertible driving.  Heaters were invented to warm up an open top in winter.

Also, how did you get the photo of the Mopar engine? I get the whole wide aperture, narrow depth of field thing.  But the engine seems to be floating.


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