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cadillac deadbeat:
Hey guys id like to put my vehicle on club plates,what process do i need to take to make this happen.

Kind regards Shaun

Bruce Reynolds:
Me thinks you have to contact your local CLC President or Secretary and become part of the Membership, and that means attending meetings in your State, plus attending a specified number of club runs.

Bruce. :devil:

peter waite:
Hi Shaun,Bruce is pretty much right,if you would like to ring me 0408629193 I will do my best to help you.Peter Waite N.S.W. C.L.C. Region President and club Plates Registrar,hoping to hear from you.Peter.

Put it on historical rego in nsw they are doing a new trial where you don't have to attend events and can drive I believe 60 days a year  contact  services nsw for information.


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