Author Topic: How to host & post photos - that are stored on your computer (Picture Tutorial)  (Read 4607 times)

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This is for everyone that isn’t quite sure how to display photos in their posts that are stored on their computer like the photos you may have taken of your own car and uploaded to your computer from your camera.

Pictures need to be hosted on the internet first, then they can be linked to the forum.  Most people use Photobucket to do this.

(Borrowed from the MOCA site.  Some of the details on Photobucket may have changed slightly since this was first written but basically it's the same)

1.   Go to the and click “Join Now”

2.   Fill in the fields and then click “Next”

3.   Fill in the fields and then click “I accept. Sign me up”/b]

4.   Click “here” to skip

5.   Click “Upload images and videos”

6.   Browse to the photos folder on your hard drive, select the photos you want to upload and click “Open”

7.   The photos will now upload (Time depends on your internet speed)

8.   Check all of your photos have uploaded and then scroll down

9.   Click “Return to album”

10.   Hover the cursor over one of your newly uploaded pictures

11.   Copy the “IMG code” from the pop up box

12.   Paste the IMG link into your post

13.   Look at your awesome post!

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