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Interior Restoration Advice
« on: December 15, 2019, 02:44:32 PM »
Hi everyone, hope you are all awake, and looking forward to Christmas.
I have got a hurry up, and Lucy is back on the road after a quiet 2 years. A number of 40km trips this week, and the amount of leaking fluids is getting smaller every day. I am hoping to re-start Club runs in 2020.
But while the suspension/engine/txmn are now pretty good, the interior is a mess - result of PO keeping the car outside in the sun for 3 years. I need heaps of plastic parts, and maybe more, and I'm finding parts in the USA hard to properly identify and thus buy.

I am wondering if anyone has bitten the bullet, had a professional interior restoration, and can thus recommend someone in the Sydney area?

Any ideas on cost would be useful too. A Google search was not too successful - perhaps I'm asking the wrong question out there.

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