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accessories codes 1959
« on: September 17, 2008, 11:09:04 AM »
the acc codes on mine are E H K X Y
i know
E  =   e-z eye tinted glass

H =   heater

X =   power windows

K and Y  ican't find i am presuming power seats is one and autronic eye is the other but it also has factory fitted air con.   i know the letter u was used for autronic eye in earlier cars but i thought it may have changed if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated

cheers all


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Re: accessories codes 1959
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2008, 12:03:21 PM »
i have found my answer though i would put it here incase anyone was interested
Alpha-numerical accessory codes

To add to the already complex alpha-numerical coding systems in use, Cadillac used also a list of alphabetical accessory codes. Here are some additional ones drawn from dealers' Data Books of the 50s and 60s [and other sources too].  Some letter codes may have up to four different possible meanings, depending on the year of the Cadillac in question:

"A"(1)     Rear-window de-fogger ($26.35 - 1970 dealer invoice)

"A"(2)     Two rear seat belts [e.g. 1965]

"A"(3)     Seat warmers [after 1966?] 

"B"(1)      The letter "B" following a trim code was an indication that the car was fitted with
                        bucket seats [1959-66].

"B"(2)    Rear-window defogger

"C"(1)     Cruise-control ($ 96.60)

"C"(2)       Back- rest lock on some coupes

"D"           Door edge guards ($9.50 - 1970 dealer invoice)

"E"           E-Z-Eye  glass (or Soft-Ray glass,  e.g. 1970) glass   ($ 51.70)

"F"(1)       Fog lamps ($ 45.55)

"F"(2)      Filler plate, i.o. license plate ( no charge ) [e.g. 1966]

"F"(3)      AM-FM radio in 1963

"FF"        [same]

"F5"        Twin rubber floor mats front and rear ($ 16.70  - 1970 dealer invoice)

"G"          Controlled differential (e.g. 1965)

"H"(1)    Heater ($129.00)

"H"(2)    Delete heater-defroster (1965 option)

"H"(3)    Head rests [1966]

"I"           AM/FM signal-seeking radio ($322.10  - 1970 dealer invoice)

"J"(1)      Rear radio control ($246.60) (Series 75 only)

"J"(2)      [after 1965] Twilight Sentinel

"K"       Air-conditioning [or Comfort Control, or Automatic Climate Control, e.g. in 1970]  ($473.60)

"K2"    Air-conditioning with roof ducts [1956 models] - may look like "KZ"

"L"       Automatic level control [circa 1966]

"L1"    One license frame ($ 7.50)

"L2"    Two license frames ($ 15.00)

"M"      Electric door locks ($ 45.75)

"N"     Electric powered vent panes ($ 73.20)

"O"     Front seat belts (e.g. 1965)

"O2"   Delete front belts

"P"(1)     [e.g. 1953 Eldorado] windshield washer [per Fredus "Pete" Peters, CLC]

"P"(2)     [e.g. 1954 Eldorado] 4-way power seat

"P"(3)    Optional gear ratio (only with standard engine without air-conditioning)

"P"(4)    Automatic level control (e.g. 1965)

"Q"     Eldorado motor ($134.30 (three dual barrel carburetors)

"Q"     [as of 1965] Tilt and Telescope steering wheel ($94.75)

"R"(1)  Reclining Bucket seat

"R"(2)  AM radio (1965, e.g.); code also seen on  1954 Eldorado.

"R1"   AM-FM Radio

"R2"   Rear radio controls (Fleetwood 75 models)

"S"       Electric remote trunk release ($ 58.50)

"T"(1)   Air-Suspension where not standard equipment [1959-60]

"T"(2)   Electric 4-way, bucket seat adjuster

"U"     Autronic-Eye [automatic headlamp control, dimmer; later was Guide-Matic] ($ 55.25)

"V"(1)  (1954) -  - electric 4-way bench seat

"V"(2)  6-way electric seat [see also "Y", below]

"V"(3)  2 front seat belts [1963-64]

"W"     Whitewall tires ($40.00  - 1970 dealer invoice)

"X"     Power windows ($118.45)

"Y"     6-way front seat ($118.45) Deleting 4-way seat ($ 89.35)

"Z"     Anti-freeze [-20] ($ 9.13) [$7.72 on a 1959 invoice!]

"Z1"    Anti-freeze [-40] ($ 9.13)

"Z2"    Methanol ($ 9.13)