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Engines - Carbies - Fuel Systems - Exhausts - Radiators / Re: 3 port fuel bowl
« Last post by Trouble on May 23, 2022, 11:23:50 AM »
yes it is still there and working well, Thank's again Bruce
Not really.

The only reason for the AC cars to have that feature was to allow the cars to sit with the AC on, in hot weather, not going anywhere, and the third fitting (Return line) allowed the excess fuel to flow back to the tank, thus keeping the furl in the tank to pump line circulating, and not being allowed to get hot, from the hot road underneath, and thereby vaporising, causing the engine to stall.

But, if it is still there, and working well, then there is no reason to remove it, as my '60 CDV with a relocated fuel delivery line close to the bottom of the frame did suffer from Vapor Lock in very hot weather.

Engines - Carbies - Fuel Systems - Exhausts - Radiators / 3 port fuel bowl
« Last post by Trouble on May 22, 2022, 05:20:11 PM »
hi all,my 66 was a/c car but i have removed the a/c it has a 3port fuel bowl atm, is there a need for a return line without a/c ?thank's
Show Off Your Pride & Joy / Re: 1959 Cadillac Sedan deVille
« Last post by Bruce Reynolds on May 19, 2022, 09:31:17 PM »
Congratulations on your purchase, and adding to the Cadillac numbers over in the West.

Those Flat-top cars are always a beautiful design.   Flashy and classy.

A word of caution regarding the heater being bypassed.   This was most likely done because the heater core was leaking, so I would advise getting it out and checked before attempting to run water through it.

Bruce. :devil:

PS.   Your best friend will be the Shop Manual.  They are always coming up on ebay.   Don't settle for one of the Haynes types, as they are really not that good, compared to the Factory one.
Show Off Your Pride & Joy / 1959 Cadillac Sedan deVille
« Last post by macman on May 19, 2022, 06:46:36 PM »

I have just purchased my all-time dream car, a 1959 Cadillac Sedan deVille in the 4-window "flat-top" version. It was imported into Australia ~2009 and lived in Queensland (specifically Brisbane area) until last week when it arrived "home" in Perth WA.

Other than a closed-door respray, I believe it's mostly original. Thankfully it was resprayed in its original Brenton (or Breton) Blue and although it originally would have had a Georgian Blue roof, it now has a white roof... Maybe that will change one day when there's nothing else that needs doing?

Interior is Blue Camden Cloth & Blue Leather which is tidy other than a quite worn drivers seat. Engine is the original 390ci with "Jetaway" 4-speed automatic. Options are E-Z Eye glass, Heater, A/C, 6-way power seat - all pretty standard for deVille in 1959 I believe?

As it stands the to-do list is just getting longer but most importantly (and to get it licensed in WA) the list is:

- Power steering box is leaking and needs to be repaired
- I would like to change the generator to an alternator (thinking Powermaster, but we'll see), the regulator is already playing up
- Brake vacuum servo isn't working at all so I am looking into a dual-circuit brake master cylinder and suitable servo
- Recommission the heater which has been disconnected and bypassed
- Repair the drivers seat (I'd be happy with a neat repair/patch job at this stage)
- Needs new tyres fitted

But there's definitely more than just that...

I'm looking forward to spending time with my Mum and Dad during the journey - they have both always been "into" old cars and my Dad was a motor mechanic. I think my girlfriend will be happy once we can ride around on the weekends together wasting time in the Cadillac!

General Technical Help / 1955 to 1959 transmission swap
« Last post by matt on May 19, 2022, 11:40:39 AM »
Hi guys
I have a 55 hydramatic and a 59 390 that I would like to swap the transmissions on. I have the starter motor and flywheel to go with 55 hydramatic was just wondering if I need anything else to adapt?

Cars For Sale or Wanted / 1957 Convertible & 1958 Fleetwood
« Last post by 1959 Eldorado Biarritz on May 10, 2022, 02:17:17 PM »

I have the following cars for sale

1957 Cadillac convertible car is in very bad condition and needs full resto its been sitting in my back paddock for years so when I say bad I mean bad 

1958 sixty series Fleetwood car will run but fuel tank is out I have a new fuel tank to go back in also the exhaust manifolds are cracked but I have replacements.

The 58 is in ok condition I would say a daily driver condition has new wide whites and new brakes they just need bleeding. Floors have been replaced at some stage not to long ago.

Have import approval on both cars location Gold Coast QLD

Package deal $38,000 for both cars 
Engines - Carbies - Fuel Systems - Exhausts - Radiators / Fine Tune
« Last post by Trouble on April 23, 2022, 02:30:19 PM »
Hi All,ok i have a 1406 edelbrock on my 66 429 it runs good but "rich" i have gone through the steps with tune vac gauge and the rest,just wondering if any one has this setup and what jets and metering rods are the better kit  for this configuration?  i have emailed edelbrock but no answer yet. thank ya kindly
General Technical Help / Re: Engine running rough
« Last post by Robertw on April 20, 2022, 03:58:37 PM »
Hello Bruce,
Thank you for the email. I have the car booked into the mechanic next week, so we will do all the things you mentioned. Hopefully we will find something.
General Technical Help / Re: Engine running rough
« Last post by Bruce Reynolds on April 18, 2022, 09:16:12 PM »
G'day Robert,

Anything is possible, but an erratic timing caused by a cam gear that is falling to pieces is a possibility.

The best way for checking for a loose or stretched timing chain is to take off the distributor cap, and with a wrench on the front of the crankshaft, turn the crank one way, till the distributor rotor moves, then turn the crank the opposite way till the rotor cap moves in the other direction.

A good timing chain will start to turn the Rotor as soon as any slack in the chain has been taken up, maybe a couple of degrees of the crankshaft movement.   If there is a lot more than that, then I would be suspecting the chain or gears.

Not sure if it is possible to see down through the distributor shaft hole if one can see any part of the timing chain, as with the front-mounted distributor, you might even see it using one of those bore scopes.

Also not sure when Cadillac started to use the plastic covering on the cam gear, but if they did, you might be surprised what you find.

If there is nothing wrong there, I would be looking elsewhere.   Have you fitted a Vacuum Gauge to see what the Vacuum signal is doing.   There are charts that show what the various readings mean.

Bruce. :devil:
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