Author Topic: For Sale: 1967 Fleetwood 75 Sedan  (Read 1564 times)

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For Sale: 1967 Fleetwood 75 Sedan
« on: June 29, 2015, 08:58:23 PM »
It pains me to type this post, but I've decided that I need to let this car go to someone who has time to enjoy it. I've had the car for many years now, imported it from the USA myself.
Drove it up to Bathurst from Vic for the 2010 Nats, Unfortunately I just don't have time to drive the car any more and I hate seeing it just sitting in the garage doing nothing (it hasn't been driven since January this year).
It does need some work to bring it back up to the 'wow' factor this car gets at shows. Like all these Fleetwood 75's they usually only made less than 1,000 per year so they are pretty rare (most are probably rotting away in an American paddock). I'm only looking for around $10K for it, there is no possible way you could land one here in Australia for that price. The car is currently registered in Vic but will NOT be sold with a RWC.
This is not the limo version with the divider, it was originally owned by a funeral home in the USA for the mourning family to ride in behind the hearse.

Send me a PM for contact details if you are interested.
The car currently has the factory wheels back on it, not the wire wheels shown in the photo, but they are available if you are interested.

EDIT: Car has been SOLD.


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