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I just got a new core for my 1960 caddy radiator from Aussie dessert coolers.
I had a thermo in the car that wasn't the right one.
I took the thermo out when it was overheating & misplaced it.
Don't quote me but I think it was 80 or 90 or cld it be 180 or 190
When I looked up the caddy manual it was not the one mentioned in the manual but not far off  (hope this makes sense )
The bloke from Aussie coolers told me to put in a 160 high flow thermo. He said the neck to the radiator didn't have to be modified.
Can some of you tell me what thermo you have in your caddy.

Bruce Reynolds:
I was running a 180 in my '60 CDV.

But, if the guy at Aussie Coolers said use a 160, then I would be following his advice.   He would be more experienced than little old me.

BUT, the idea of cooling is to get the engine as hot as it can, before boiling its' guts out.   There is a point where an engine stays too cold and creates unwanted friction, until it gets too hot and compromises things like piston ring tension.

This is one reason why the auto manufacturers install pressurised systems to increase the boiling point.   The hotter the coolant can get without boiling, the less friction, and therefore better performance.   For every 1lb pressure, the boiling point of water rises around 2 Degrees F.

Bruce. :devil:

Thanks for your reply Bruce.
If most people are running a 180 thermo then I'm happy to buy another thermo running 180.
I ll buy one online and see how I go


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