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59 cadillac


I have a 4 barrell rochester on my 59, that I am having trouble getting to idle. Read the manual and instruction was to adjust via idle screw only which I have located. There is a bit of fuel leaking from around the top seal of carby but I have tightened all screws, was thinking this could be a rebuild or is there something I could try and clean before I go down rebuild road or possibly swap over for a more manageable modern carby. I also noticed a fair bit of black soot around rear of exhaust which I think is running a bit rich. I am not a good mechanical person but am trying all options before I have to take it to mechanic and bend over.

Paul :shrug: :shrug:

Bruce Reynolds:
A couple of things to consider here in your description.

Firstly, it sounds like the float level is too high, and this could be allowing the leaking you describe.

Then, if the float level is too high, this could also contribute to the running rich, will also make the engine run rough, as in flooding.

Lastly, are you running any sort of Ethanol Fuel, as in E10 or E85, or even 98 Octane?

The idle screw will only adjust the throttle plates.   You need to also adjust the Mixture screws.

Bruce. :devil:


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