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68 Starter motor

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Hey, just recently broke (well destroyed) the starter out of my 68 coupe deville.
its for a 472 with the trimatic t400.

what I was wondering was can I whack in a standard BB starter, or do I need a 472 specific starter?
because when I look at the specs for BB starters it only ever lists 454 and 504.
never seen a 472 listed for parts starter wise.

any help would be tops


Bruce Reynolds:
G'day Heath,

Not really sure what the difference is between the Cadillac Starter and the Chevrolet one, but, if the mounting bracket ans bolt spacings are the same, it should fit.

Bruce. :devil:

I'm pretty sure all the bolt holes are the same, the engine is a chev even though it's cadillac.

I was just worried about the throw and whether it had the right cog for splines etc, because I can't find any original specs.
And I did a bit more searching and I would find two different lists for motors, one for the more common chev BB's and another list for
the odd blocks like the 472.

Was hoping the standard would fit, they all look the same for that era.
but thanks for getting back to me so quick mate

Bruce Reynolds:
The Caddy Starter is the Heavy Duty- hi Torque Starter, and the Solenoids, Bendixes, guts and everything the same as the BBC, but you would have to check the mounting.

Actually, the Cadillac engine is totally different to the Chev, and built tougher.

If you happened to have a Chev Starter floating around, it might just fit, but what ever you do, don 't damage the Ring Gear as they aren't that easy to find.   Sure, they are sold, but I have found that they don't fit, without a bit of machining.

Bruce. :devil:

Haven't got any yet, was hoping to save some money and get one here as opposed to importing one.

Thanks for the help mate


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