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390 engine rebuild


ive got a 60 cpe deville and looking at getting an engine rebuild
has anyone had a 390 engine rebuild recently
what was the cost
name of mechanic/place where you got it done

Bruce Reynolds:
I rebuilt the 390 in my own '60 CDV many years ago, and it wasn't cheap.   Plus, the cost these days would be about the same.

The biggest thing to watch out for is to not get anything that was made in China.

I got most of my parts through AAAP in Ballarrat, and was very happy with the service.

As for cost, well, a simple complete Gasket set is about 3 times the price of Chevrolet stuff.

As for machining, the costs are the same as for any other V8.

You are going to be looking at around $3,500.00 to $6,000.00, depending on how far you go.

Bruce. :devil:

PS.   I did all my own disassembly and assembly as well, but it still costs.

Thanks for the reply Bruce
i saw a full deluxe rebuild kit with  high performance camshaft for $1820 USD on ebay with 400USD shipping.
I hoping to get away with between 4k -5k


Jeepers Creepers:
If you are in Queensland, get Shane Hudson @ HPEngines on the Sunshine Coast to do the work.

He's done 2 Caddy engines in the past 8 months and as posted above, All American Auto Parts for the bits.


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