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Hello Guys,
I have a 1965 Deville Convertible. It originally had a rochester carb for a 429 but was changed years ago to a holly, which needs servicing. Should i put a rochester back or get the holly serviced.
I appreciate the help

Bruce Reynolds:
Personally, I would be going with the original Rochester, simply because it was calibrated for the engine, and has the correct lever for the throttle actuation.

You don't say what model of Holley is on the engine, which could have an effect on performance, as there are so many different Holley configurations.

If it is one with the Vacuum Secondary, then that one would be best for street use with an automatic, but then again, the size and jetting could be way off for a 429 cube engine.   Most Holleys sold in Australia are for smaller engines like the 350 Chev and 351 Ford.

Bruce. :devil:

Thank You Bruce. Any idea where i might get a rochester in australia

Bruce Reynolds:
I would be trying Gumtree to see if there is any Rochesters out there.   You never know, and Gumtree is free.

BUT, what is the base configuration on your engine?   Is it the Spread-bore type, or Square-bore?

I have an old Rochester 4CG Carb that is either from a 1961 Caddy engine or a marine 327 SBC, as I think it is marinised, but that might not fit.

Putting a Wanted to Buy posting in the USA CLC Message Board might find you more than one.

Bruce. :devil:

Jeepers Creepers:
You could also try Jason Edge from the 63/64 Cadillac site/forum.

He has parted out several cars (49 to be exact) in order to keep us all on the road.
I couldn't see there being much difference if any, from a 64, 429 engine to a 65 year model.

His prices are good, stuff gets here in around 7 to 10 days, but Xmas might stuff that up  a tad.


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