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‘70 DeVille wont start


Here i go again..
started her up a couple of weeks ago. Tried to do it again and just doesent fire up anymore.
Ive gotten to the point where ive changed spark plugs, leads, condensers, distributor cap, ignition coil, fuel pump and cleaned every possible connector and earth cables.
It seemed that the fuel pump wasnt working on full power when i disconnected the fuel line from the carby. But it fired up for a second with a bit of ‘start ya bastard’ in the main reservoir.
Acted exactly the same after changing the pump.
Without touching a thing under the bonnet it’s now not even firing up for a second.
What could i be missing?


Bruce Reynolds:
Will it fire up if you pour a couple of tablespoons of petrol into the throat of the carby?

Bruce. :devil:

It doesnt fire up with petrol poured into the carby.
I adjusted the distributor last night as well. It looked like i had good spark when opening the points with a pick, but when cranked over the points didnt seem to open at all. So i turned the engine around bit by hand to see if the points open now and close as well and after that its really struggling to turn the engine over when cranking.
What could i mess up this time?


Bruce Reynolds:
If the points aren't opening when the engine is cranking, then you will have to re-gap them.

To get the engine to spin faster, remove the plugs, and don't forget to remove the coil lead.

Bruce. :devil:


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