The 1959 Cadillac is arguably the marque’s most famous model. Its sheer size, large sweeping fins, bullet tail lights and grilles and copious use of chrome, epitomise American car design of the 50’s. Never again would a full production car sport such wild styling cues and as a result the 1959 Caddy has reached a ‘cult’ like status. Regardless of whether you like the 1959 model, one has to acknowledge the futuristic design which could still be regarded as modern by today’s standards.

(Previously owned by Mike)

"If you haven't done your homework in the research department and you inadvertently put a 1928 Cadillac valence panel stowage panel locking device on your 1929 Cadillac, you would be wrong to assume that they were the same."

While Mike was displaying his previous red 1929 Cadillac Dual Cowl Phaeton at GM Day, a member of the public was looking at the top of the engine cylinder heads and remarked to Mike about the HC high compression cast into the heads.

I’ve finished my resto of the latest project... a 65 Fleetwood 75, which I had brought over from Perth. It has been a lengthy labour of love... and need I add a fairly costly one. But worth it nonetheless.

For many years a familiar sight around Sydney in red, Paul's Eldorado Biarritz has now been restored and returned to it's original colour of Persian Sand

The '59 Cadillac has always, to me, been the ultimate automobile ever made. Its flamboyant style far outshone all that preceded it. "To me it's to the automotive scene what Elvis Presley was to the music industry, capturing the admiration of generations all over the world ? past, present and future."

Back in ’98, I did what I knew I shouldn’t do, and telephoned the number which accompanied an advertisement for a 1937 LaSalle Hearse, just out of curiosity of course (too many episodes of The Munster’s as a kid?).

The elegant coupe style was shared with Buick and Olds 8, but rarely seen in Australia

When Paul's not playing bass in the "Greasy Hawaiians" Melbourne’s very own surf instrumental band, he's out cruising in his 57 Caddy.

A love for 50's cars has been a long passion and not until recently has Paul been able to fulfill that passion with his very own Custom Cadillac.

The sixties was a decade of transition between older style post war Cadillacs and more contemporary styling of the seventies and beyond. 1963 (and close relative '64) Cadillacs are arguably the last of the older style and the first of the newer.

Highway Heaven
Purchasing a Classic by Michael and Frank Butler

It all started at the All American Motoring Show at Flemington race course. While displaying our 52 Caddie there, Peter Ratcliff, the club secretary informed us that a 53 Cadillac Coupe deVille was for sale in Sydney.

My affair with a 1929 LaSalle.
Story and photo by Aub Smith and Brendan Walsh 

 "LaSalle for 1929 retained its dashing good looks. As on the companion Cadillac, parking lamps were relocated from the cowl to the tops of the front fenders."

The character and substance of the 1963 Cadillac is reflected in clean, bold lines, with formed metal contours only where they provide the dual function of styling beauty and structural strength.

South Australian member, Brian Hallo has been restoring historical vehicles for 20 years. Apart from the paint and chrome, Brian has done everything himself including the RHD conversion, upholstery etc. on his 63 convertible..


I have always admired the Cadillac. I drove one when in the States a few years ago on holiday with my first wife and family. Early in 1995, sorrow descended upon us when I tragically lost my wife of 30 years, and 4 weeks later I underwent open heart surgery.

My 'daily driver' is a 1984 Cadillac Sedan deVille.  Perhaps the ultimate 'creature comfort' machine of its day, and still able to compete head on with luxury cars of 1999, it includes such standard features as six-way power seats, power windows, mirrors, trunk open/pull down, digital fuel injection, electronic level control, push-button electronic climate control, heated rear window and rearview mirrors, cruise control, twilight sentinel automatic headlights and on-board computer diagnostics.

"The 59 Caddy's radical fins best symbolise the styling excesses of the 1950s. Never again would any manufacturer attempt anything as wild as Cadillac's 1959 tail fins."