I have always admired the Cadillac. I drove one when in the States a few years ago on holiday with my first wife and family. Early in 1995, sorrow descended upon us when I tragically lost my wife of 30 years, and 4 weeks later I underwent open heart surgery.


Whilst convalescing, I did a lot of thinking, and when I saw an ad for a 1995 Cadillac Deville, even though I had a 1991 Caprice Statesman, I made enquiries and eventually purchased this magnificent car, which was as brand new, having only 6000km on the clock. The engine is 4.9 litre V8 with front wheel drive. The car is champagne in colour with beige upholstery. The suspension is controlled by the computer along with just about everything else!

If I have any complaint, it is perhaps that for an ‘old bloke like me’ it is too sophisticated!! The dashboard displays tell you what to do, and when. A few minutes after taking delivery, I drove to a service station to fill the tank, and test the consumption on the journey home (it does 26mpg). I filled it up at the service station, but became somewhat embarrassed when I couldn’t get it into gear, then I realised I had to put my foot on the brake pedal! Everything about the car is safety conscious. When the ignition key is turned, the doors automatically lock. The ignition is unique in as much as it has a coded chip on the hilt, so that no ordinary key will fit. In fact if another key is used, the computer shuts the car down. When my grown daughter was on a visit, I took her to inspect the vehicle, however it would not start. The dash display showed ‘transaxle inactive’. After a couple of phone calls I found out that the battery was flat! It has far too many features to list, most of which I am still learning.

I understand that it was imported by Col Joy (Jacobson) - pity he didn’t autograph the dash!! It is a very sedate, exceedingly comfortable, eye-catching vehicle. There is no doubt that it is the upmarket ‘big brother’ of the Holden Caprice Statesman. I don’t drive it a lot, but when I do, it is with great pleasure indeed. It is certainly a pride and joy. Incidentally, I have married again, and have two delightful little daughters under 2 years of age, and of course, an equally charming wife.


As I breed Shorthorn cattle and Quarter Horses, on approximately 1000 acres, perhaps I could trade my pride and joy on the new model, which I understand has the desert storm heat sensing device featured - this would help me find calves in the grass, whilst patrolling the property!! (Ha Ha)

J.E. (Ted) Henderson
"Cooredulla" Tenterfield