I’ve finished my resto of the latest project... a 65 Fleetwood 75, which I had brought over from Perth. It has been a lengthy labour of love... and need I add a fairly costly one. But worth it nonetheless.

 ImageFour more months down the track, it was time to rip out the seats and interior, which looked as through they’d been used as a boarding kennel for the past 20 years... the car was beginning to look like it was alive again!

The auto electricians clambered over it re-activating switches that hadn’t been in use since the vehicle was pink (yes, the original colour) and we were pretty well mobile. A couple of embarrassing break-downs due to a faulty carby (you do get some strange looks on the side of the road in an American dinosaur!) brought me back to earth, but all part of the fun!!

It’s still continuing... there were only a few hundred of these beasts released into captivity, and finding a couple of rear seat grills for the floor air conditioning ducts is proving quite a challenge... the ones it had looked like a second rate footballer - very few teeth! Still we press on.

I dare say readers will readily relate to the above challenges I’ve gone through all for a Caddy... it’s been worth it!

Peter Landy
Melbourne, VicImage